Self-care application

  • View handy tips and tricks for optimal WiFi performance


  • View your in-home network topology and adjust WiFi parameters on the go.

  • View bandwidth- and usage statistics to evaluate WiFi performance.

Diagnostic wizard

  • Quickly diagnose potential WiFi issues using wifuse’ automated troubleshooter.

wifuse employs a dual-tier algorithm that runs locally in the home network as well as in the back-end of the service provider..


Artificial Intelligence

An in-home WiFi network is a dynamic environment with many day to day changes. wifuse algorithm applies pattern recognition to account for these changes when optimizing the in-home network.

wifuse employs automatic learning algorithms to ensure stellar WiFi connectivity throughout the home.



Save time with resolving WiFi-related customer calls using wifuse’s Diagnoser. The diagnoser features basic as well as advanced diagnostical tools that agents can use in a scripted fashion during WiFi complaint calls.

  • wifuse Executive Dashboard presents service providers with a concise summary report of WiFi performance across all in-home networks.


Executive Dashboard