The E2E Wi-Fi management and optimization platform

Service Provider

Integrated Wi-Fi management solution

«Quickly resolve Wi-Fi-related complaint calls using wifuse’s Diagnoser»

«Track and evaluate global performance across thousands of in-home networks»


Carrier grade Wi-Fi management platform

Wi-Fi Self-care & self-healing consumer applications


Let your friends and visitors automatically connect to your home network.

Smart Wi-Fi using AI & cloud technology

Wi-Fi Diagnoser for call-center applications

'Content Manager'

Manage the access of each user profile to different types of content to shield your family from inappropriate content.


Fast and reliable internet throughout the home

«wifuse uses AI and cloud technology to ensure your internet runs smoothly and without interruptions»

«Get insight into your home network for smarter Wi-Fi management»

«Put your mind at ease: wifuse automatically detects potential Wi-Fi issues»

«Manage access to specific types of content, schedule internet time-outs or use SmartPass to let friends easily connect to your network»